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The Ultimate Romantic Dinner at the Top of a Lighthouse!

diningNEWBURYPORT, MA Looking for a totally unique romantic gift idea that doubles as a charitable tax deduction for a worthy cause?  The Lighthouse Preservation Society, a New England-based nonprofit organization, has announced a highly acclaimed romantic gift idea – a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at the top of a lighthouse!  The unusual dining destination is at the top of the Newburyport Rear Range Lighthouse, which overlooks the Merrimack River as it enters the ocean, on the Massachusetts North Shore. 

Built in 1873, the lighthouse is one of two historic (Front and Rear) Range Light towers that are being restored with money gained from the society’s unique lighthouse dining fundraiser. The 5-story Newburyport Rear Range Light, where the meals are served, has just received a new exterior paint job and a complete interior makeover of the upstairs lens room under the direction of local interior decorator and textile designer, Bridgette Newfell.  In addition, a powerful new heat pump has recently been installed to keep the tower warm.  This will allow the popular romantic dining destination, which had been seasonal until now, to stay open for the winter months, and throughout the entire year.

diningThe popular fundraising concept has been receiving the highest accolades.  In a recent (July/August) issue of Yankee Magazine, the writer stated that “if you’re romantically inclined, it doesn’t get much better”, and described the dining room at the top of the lighthouse tower as “a glass-encased love nest… that feels like the top of the world”.  Earlier, the lighthouse dining program had already been selected by Yankee Publishing as one of the top 35 destinations to make the “ultimate to-do list for New England Travelers” in the 2006 edition of the Yankee Magazine Travel Guide to New England.

The Lighthouse Preservation Society’s one-of-a-kind dining experience at the top of the Newburyport Lighthouse tower has continued to gather rave reviews from around the region. Named as “the ultimate romantic dining destination” by Boston’s Phantom Gourmet, and called “the most private and exclusive dining space in New England” by Fox TV news, the Newburyport Lighthouse has become a world-class dining destination, with people coming as far away as Europe to dine.  Because of its complete privacy and awesome views, it has gained a reputation as a place for wedding proposals, but is equally popular for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

“This is a totally unique adventure in dining”, says The Lighthouse Preservation Society’s president and founder, James Hyland.  “We know of no other place in the world where you can have a gourmet dinner served to you at the top of a lighthouse tower”.  The dinners are supplied to the lighthouse, using a private waiter or waitress, who caters the food from your choice of five of Newburyport’s best restaurants.  The romantic meals are available for reservation seven-nights-a-week, and are also available during the day for luncheons.  The cost for a meal at the lighthouse, which includes the private dining rental of the lighthouse tower for approximately 5 hours, the hiring of your own personal wait staff, and a membership in The Lighthouse Preservation Society, is $350 per couple, part of which is tax-deductible.  Food costs are extra, but the rates are standard menu prices, which are normally paid directly to the restaurant at the end of the meal.  Most couples can eat for under $100, so the society offers an ideal gift package of an all-inclusive dining gift certificate per couple, for the cost of $450.   

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To make reservations for the ultimate romantic dinner at the Newburyport Lighthouse in Newburyport, Massachusetts call 1-800-727-BEAM.

Dinner Location Address:
Newburyport Rear Range Light
61 1/2 Water Street,
Newburyport, MA

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