Opportunities for Investment

introductionThe Lighthouse Preservation Society put together the deal that led to the creation of the Keeper's House Inn at Isle au Haut, Maine.  Thousands of people have since enjoyed the experience of sleeping and dining at this remarkable island lighthouse, surrounded by beautiful Acadia National Park.

How Major Contributors, Corporations, and Foundations
Can Help Save America’s Lighthouses

As a nonprofit organization concerned about America’s lighthouses, our most pressing need is the acquisition and restoration of a number of key lighthouse sites throughout the country.  The current government giveaway of scores of American lighthouses represents an important and timely opportunity for us to begin instituting what we are calling the “British Model” of historic preservation at multiple lighthouse locations around the nation. 

This exciting concept has been successfully tested throughout Europe.  In England, it virtually drives much of the historic preservation movement.  Their concept involves what are essentially “living museums”, which are historic homes that are restored to a particular era, often serving the general public as traditional museums by day, but which are also rented out by night for weekly and overnight accommodations. 

By supplementing the traditional small admission fees that are generally charged for typical museum admissions (but which are often insufficient to support these  museums), with exclusive, high-end, evening rental programs of these important national historic homes, Europeans have discovered how to successfully finance their national architectural treasures, and they are doing it in large numbers.  Groups like England’s National Trust and The Landmark Trust offer large catalogs full of hundreds of historic homes that you can rent for short-term private stays. 

Based on the huge success of this proven method, we are convinced that this is the best overall plan for lighthouse preservation in this country, and offers the first and only attempt to create a cohesive and self-sustaining national program of lighthouse preservation in America.  We are looking for major investors at this time to help us apply the lessons of European historic preservation to our nation’s endangered lighthouses, whose future is very much in question at this time. 

With so many American lighthouses currently being divested by the American government, the next few years are a highly critical time that will ultimately determine the future for our national lighthouse heritage.  The time to act is now.  We need major investors to partner with us in planning to establish regional examples of lighthouse preservation, using this highly successful and self-sustaining “British model” for historic preservation.  If you’ve been able to catch this vision for a network of lighthouse museum/rentals in this country, and can make a significant donation toward achieving that end, then we would like to talk with you.  Give us a call at 1-800-727-BEAM, and we’ll plan together how to make this vision a reality.  For further consideration, here are some important ways that you can invest in America’s lighthouse heritage:


1)  Opportunity for Investment #1:  “Living Museums”

Goal:  To create a network of regional lighthouse “living museums” (as described above).

Cost to Donor:  To be determined.

Possible Benefits:  1) Usage of a lighthouse site for an amount of time to be determined, and based on the size of the donor’s contribution.  2) Contributor’s plaque with your name mounted on a prominent location at the lighthouse.  3) Tax deduction.

2)  Opportunity for Investment #2:  Birthplace of the U.S. Coast Guard Memorial

Goal:  To create a lighthouse exhibit and statue, commemorating the birthplace of the Coast Guard in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  (See link).

Cost to Donor:  To be determined.

Possible Benefits:  1) Contributor’s name mounted on the lighthouse or “First Guardians” statue.  2) Tax deduction.

3) Opportunity for Investment #3:  The Lighthouse Preservation Society Documentary Film

Goal:  To produce a documentary film that tells the history of The Lighthouse Preservation Society, from its early days in the 1980’s of Congressional hearings, conferences, and lobbying to the restoration of individual lighthouse projects.  This documentary will show how The Lighthouse Preservation Society was the first organization to make lighthouse preservation a national issue, using edited national news stories, clips, and segments from earlier documentaries. The film will tell the story of how a few dedicated people can still make a big difference in changing the course of history. 

Cost to Donor:  To be determined.

Possible Benefits:  Advertising/commercial opportunities, plus the contributor’s name will be displayed prominently in the credits.  2)  Tax deduction.

4) Opportunity for Investment #4:  Operational Support

Goal:  To create a financial base on which The Lighthouse Preservation Society can continue its important work.

Cost to Donor:  To be determined.

Possible Benefits:  1) Cause-related advertising potential.  2) Tax deduction.